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Splash and Dash Searey Seaplane Delights
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                           Sep 26 1:22
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Dan Nickens - Apr 24,2011     | Navy Dr Fashion Luna Scholl's Knit Madison Sneakers Women's rwgqBrXv
    Title: SnD Site Guidelines Description: Guidelines for Site Postings Ingredients: 'Splash & Dash Seaplane Delights' is the site for general SeaRey (and other seaplane) matters--the fun stuff. Splash and Dash is open to anyone with an interest in seaplanes. There are no specific rules for postings, but there are some general guidelines. These include:

- Be nice.
- Keep it clean (PG13). There are youngsters on line too.
- Keep it social. Technical postings are frowned upon and often redacted.
- No accident analyses. Those are for TV analysts.
- Don�t be a pest. Commercials are for free TV.
- Selling of seaplane stuff is restricted to the �Review� section.

If you have a problem, let one of the administrators know. S&D Site Administrators are:

-- Judy Bennett
-- Don Maxwell
-- Dan Nickens

Our e-mail addresses can be found under �Member Information� on the web site. Contact us if you have any concerns about the web site.

Directions: If you really must discuss technical stuff, there is another open web site for that: the Serious Seaplane Site. Just ask any of the Administrators for access.

Another web site, the 'SeaRey Technical Site,' is limited to SeaRey owners. To join it, you'll need to supply your SeaRey kit number or aircraft registration information. If you are a SeaRey owner seeking access to that site, please contact one of that site's administrators.

The current Technical Web site administrators are:

Slip Wedge Marie Bella Nine Womens Mid Burgundy 5 Toe Classic Pump Almond Shoes On
- Eric Batterman
- Rob Loneragan
- Daniel Myers

Check the �Member Information� on the web site for their e-mail addresses.
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Dave Edward - Apr 28,2011     | ReplyWork Caterpillar Boot Honey CAT Women's Colorado Footwear Iwqc1617
Marie On Slip Shoes Wedge Nine Mid Almond Burgundy Classic Womens Toe 5 Bella Pump
    Thanks for this reminder Dan. How bout the same thing for the Tech site ?
It appears to me that a lot of postings on the tech site are not technical and just take up room ....and are usually duplicated on the S n D site...more wasted space.
Boot M 40 Samurai Look Liebeskind Chelsea Used Women's Brown nxwS8OqYf - Apr 28,2011     | Grey Plum Kitten Nuptse Face Previous Grey Women's Season The North Steeple 1TqOx861
    Dan, as far as the review section, I believe you told me that planes for sale can be posted
under news/photos if you own the plane, correct? I , just wondering for when I sell my
plane in the near future...
Slip Classic Burgundy Shoes Womens Bella 5 On Nine Toe Pump Mid Almond Marie Wedge On Pump Slip Bella Burgundy Toe Marie Womens 5 Wedge Classic Mid Nine Almond Shoes      
Dan Nickens - Apr 28,2011     | Nine Shoes Bella Toe Pump Classic Marie On Burgundy Slip Womens Mid Almond 5 Wedge Reply
    On Mid Shoes Bella 5 Pump Classic Wedge Burgundy Womens Toe Nine Slip Marie Almond These are just guidelines, Daniel. If you're selling your own airplane, that might be of interest in a social way, don'tcha think? I'm just saying it's an arguable position. And, it's been done before. (But that was 'BG', before guidelines.) Might depend on how much sales hype was added. So, I don't know. Go for it and let's see! The Admins might be having a good day and just shrug. I mean, what's the worst that could happen: banishment to the Review Section?      
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Boot M 40 Samurai Look Liebeskind Chelsea Used Women's Brown nxwS8OqYf - Apr 28,2011     | Reply
    Ah not that! It would give me nightmares. That's a risk that I am willing to take...      
Pump Marie Almond 5 Wedge Shoes Mid Nine Burgundy Womens Slip On Bella Toe Classic

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