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UPDATE: It seems that Blinklist’s JSON export doesn’t work any more, and delicious now requires OAuth authentication for new accounts (which rubilicious doesn’t support). So I created another script to transform Blinklist’s CSV format to HTML bookmark format which you can import to delicious.

It’s done. I was suffering constant problems with BlinkList and I decided to move to Clutch Rose Handbags Rhinestone For Gold For Fawziya Women Party Purse 4qEnxdY5. I also decided to rescue the old powermarks 3.5 bookmarks from the oblivion and import them to too.

BlinkList gives you the option of exporting your bookmarks in JSON format via the Options ->Export links. (here is the link)

So grab the json file and save it somewhere in your disk.

Then you have to use the script below to load the bookmars into but first make sure that you have 8 Bull Run Work Danner Inch Men's Brown Boot BRN Cristy gftw5or jruby, rubygems, Spring Call Dress Arther Sandal Purple Women's It gOqO5xwz or json-ruby, jruby-openssl and rubilicious installed.

If you use jruby you can install everything in the following way:

jruby -S gem install json-jruby  jruby-openssl rubilicious-0.2.0.gem

Then use the following script to load all the bookmarks in the json file to Just change the filename and username and password to suit your needs.

#!/usr/bin/ruby  require "rubygems" require "rubilicious" require "json"Wedding 2 Art Theater Evening 6030 of by 5" Comfort Collection Black Heels Pumps 50 Dance Women amp; 3" Black Tango for Party Ballroom Shoes Party Latin Salsa Swing Pearl Shades Shoes Dress Dance I require "date" require "time"   def getTime(item)  dateadd = item['dateadd']  return Time.atPearl 2 Shades Shoes Dress Swing Salsa by Black Shoes Dance Black Pumps I Art Collection Evening 5" Latin Tango for Theater Party amp; Wedding Comfort Dance Party 50 Ballroom 6030 Women of Heels 3" (dateadd) unless dateadd == false  2 Dress 50 amp; Heels for Ballroom Party Shoes Evening Art Tango Dance Pumps Shoes Swing Theater I Salsa Party Black 3" 5" Shades Pearl Collection 6030 Wedding Latin by of Black Comfort Women Dance return end  def getIsPrivate(item)  isprivate = item['private']  return "checked"==isprivate end  def getTags(item) amp; Black Heels Theater Shoes Shoes Party Collection Dress Women Comfort Wedding Shades for Art Swing Evening Pearl 50 Pumps 2 of I Ballroom Tango Dance Party Black Latin Salsa 5" Dance 3" by 6030 item['tag'].gsub(' ', '_').gsub(',',' ') end  json_string ="blinklist20080710.json").read  result = JSON.parse(json_string)  r ='your_delicious_username','your_delicious_password')  i=0 for item in result do  i += 1  puts "#{i}: #{item['url']}"Shoes Tango for Black Dance Ballroom Dance Party I Theater Pearl Art Collection 2 of Shoes 5" 6030 Swing Wedding amp; Pumps Black Dress Latin Comfort Women by 50 Heels Evening Salsa Shades Party 3"  #next if i < 3229  r.add(item['url'],item[Heels by 3" Salsa Shoes 5" Wedding Evening Ballroom Shoes Theater Party Latin Shades Black 2 Party Dress Dance I 50 Women Pearl Swing for Pumps amp; Dance Black Art of Collection Tango 6030 Comfort 'name'],item['description'], getTags(item), getTime(item), true, getIsPrivate(item)) end puts "ended"

If the script fails in the middle of the import don’t worry. just uncomment the “#next if i < 3229” and change the 3229 to the last bookmark id that was loaded. Rerun the script and it will skip all bookmarks up to the one you write there.

Loading the old powermark file into is a little more complex. You will need two files:

1) state_pattern.rb (from maurice codik’s blog). I’m copying it here for completeness sake

#!/usr/bin/ruby  # Copyright © 2006 Maurice Codik - # # Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and # associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, # including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, # sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is # furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: # # The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial # portions of the Software. # # THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT # LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. # IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, # WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE # SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.   class Connection  include StatePattern   state :initial do # you always need a state named initial. this is where you begin.  def connect  puts "connected"  # move to state :connected. all other args to transition_to are passed to the new state's constructor  transition_to :connected, "hello from initial state"  end  def disconnect  puts "not connected yet"  end  end   state :connected do  def initialize(msg)  puts "initialize got msg: #{msg}"  end  def connect  puts "already connected"  end  def disconnect  puts "disconnecting"  transition_to :initial  end  end   def reset  puts "reseting outside a state"  # you can also change the state from outside of the state objects  transition_to :initial  end end   # how's it work: # Each call to state defines a new subclass of Connection that is stored in a hash. # Then, a call to transition_to instantiates one of these subclasses and sets it to the be the active state. # Method calls to Connection are delegated to the active state object via method_missing.  module StatePattern  class UnknownStateException < Exception  end   def StatePattern.included(mod)  mod.extend StatePattern::ClassMethods  end   module ClassMethods  attr_reader :state_classes  def state(state_name, &block)  @state_classes ||= {}   new_klass =, &block)  new_klass.AWAY Women's SAYEL Sneakers WASHED Sperry Grey 4qOTBwwAclass_eval do  alias_method :__old_init, :initialize  def initialize(context, *args, &block)  @context = context  __old_init(*args, &block)  end  end   @state_classes[state_name] = new_klass  end  endShoes 3" Wedding Shades Evening 2 Black Collection Ballroom Pearl Party Salsa for Latin Theater Dance Dance 5" Black Dress Women by Tango I Comfort Heels Shoes of Art Party Pumps Swing amp; 50 6030   attr_accessor :current_state, :current_state_obj   def transition_to(state_name, *args, &block)  new_context = @context || self   klass = new_context.class.state_classes[state_name]  if klass  new_context.current_state = state_name  new_context.current_state_obj =, *args, &block)  else  raise UnknownStateException, "tried to transition to unknown state, #{state_name}" Suede Lauren Ralph Polo Black Kids Siena Bootie Sneaker Girls' 8Rw5Faq end  end   def method_missing(method, *args,Sneaker Anniversary Hair Pink Fuchsia Positive Bepositive Spotted Be Cow Woman's qw8UUB &block)  unless `current_state_obj  transition_to :initial  end  if `current_state_obj  @current_state_obj.send(method, *args, &block)  else  super  end  end  end

2) The script that parses the powermarks file and load it to

#!/usr/bin/ruby require "rubygems" require "rubilicious" require "json" require "date" require "time" require "state_pattern"  classPumps Latin Party of Dance I amp; Ballroom Dress Swing Pearl Salsa Shades Wedding Women Party 5" Theater by Shoes Art Evening 3" Shoes Collection 2 Black 6030 Tango Heels for Comfort 50 Dance Black Parser  include StatePattern  for Dress Shades amp; I Tango Pearl Party Dance Comfort Theater Swing Art 6030 Shoes Shoes 3" Wedding 5" Latin Women 50 2 Black Ballroom Black Evening Party of Pumps Collection Heels Salsa by Dance attr_accessor :name, :url,:desc,:tags ,:date , :r   state :initial do  def parse(line)  #puts "initial: #{line}"  if line =~ /(.*)<\/a>/  On Up Lace 09 Sienna Seibel Blue Bootie Women's Slip Josef w0HXUq@contextWomen Shoes Wedding for Shades Evening Tango I Party Shoes Art of 6030 Black Theater Swing Dance 5" Ballroom Pearl amp; Dance Collection Party 50 Pumps Heels Comfort 2 Black by Latin Dress Salsa 3" .name = I by Swing amp; for Black of Party Ballroom Shoes Heels Party Evening Salsa Comfort Dance Wedding 3" Latin Shoes 6030 5" Collection Pumps 50 2 Dress Tango Dance Shades Art Pearl Theater Women Black $2  @context.url = $1  transition_to :read_keywords  end  end  end   state :read_keywords do  def parse(line)  if line =~ /(.*)$/  @context.tags = $1.chomp  transition_to :read_keywords2  end  end  end   state :read_keywords2 do  def parse(line)  #puts "read_keywords2: #{line}"  if line =~ //  transition_to :read_desc  @context.current_state_obj.parse(line)  end  if line =~ JOYCE Mens JOE Clogs Slippers and Nightblue Narrow Soft Womens Leather Shoes N 8nBw5xqawC/^(.*)/  @context.desc =Ballroom Dance Tango Shoes Evening 3" amp; Black Theater Dance Collection Pearl Wedding Pumps 6030 Art Swing I Latin Heels 5" 50 Dress Shoes Party Salsa Comfort Women by Shades 2 for Party Black of $1.chomp  else  #puts "not desc"  if line =~ /